world wide dolphin watching

Worldwide Dolphin Watching

There are locations all over the world where dolphins congregate. Finding them can be easy. All over the world, dolphins can be found. From Norway to Africa, you will be able to spot dolphins in their natural habitat. Being an aquatic mammal, it means that dolphins can relocation and move to different countries. From cold waters to warm waters, you are bound to find a dolphin. Dolphins will migrate up to 100 miles to follow their food supply. Each ocean and river in the world have its own specific dolphin that is native to that environment. Here is a guide to some of the best places in the world to see dolphins in their natural habitat.


Dolphins and whales can be found in the Norwegian Atlantic. On average, you can observe large male sperm whales and dolphins every day. During the winter months, the fjords become a feeding area of both the dolphins and the whales.

The white-beaked dolphin is one of the most common dolphins found in Norway. They are a robust species of dolphin that have a short beak. The adult white-beaked dolphin can reach over 10 foot and weigh over 780 lb. their upper body colouration is dark grey with light patches.

This species of dolphin is adapted to the cold temperatures of the north Atlantic Ocean. The white-beaked dolphin is commonly found in the shallower areas of the Atlantic Ocean. Although these dolphins can be in cold temperatures, they are not custom to the truly Arctic conditions. They are not used to the freezer water temperatures or the predators.

white beaked dolphin


India is a prime location for many river dolphins, and it a great place to see some dolphins in their natural habitat. There most common dolphin is known as a freshwater or river dolphin. The south Asian river dolphin can be split into two subspecies; the Ganges river dolphin and the Indus river dolphin. The Ganges river dolphin is primarily found in the Ganges and the Brahmaputra found in India. the Indian Government has recognised the Ganges river dolphin as its National Aquatic Animal.

The south Asian river dolphin has a long, pointed nose with visible teeth, even when its mouth is closed. The flippers and tail of a Ganges river dolphin are thin and large, in comparison to their body size. The male Ganges river dolphins are usually smaller than the females, as they are 2 meters long where are females are 2.6 meters. With a low life span, the oldest recorded south Asian river dolphin was a 28-year-old male.


Australia is a prime location for dolphin watching, the warm climate and water temperatures attract a variety of dolphins. The Australian snubfin dolphin is one of the most commonly found species of dolphin in Australia.

Generally, a smart mammal, the Australian snubfin dolphin is tri coloured. It is brown on the top, with a lighter brown along the sides, with a white belly. This species has a rounded forehead, which is very unlike the other native dolphin species in Australia.

river dolphin


Florida has to offer a variety of different species of dolphins. Like Australia, the warm water temperatures of Florida make it a popular destination for dolphins. Along with the warm water, the oceans offer an abundance of food for the dolphins.

The most common species of dolphin found in Florida is the bottlenose dolphin and the Atlantic spotted dolphin. Both types of dolphins enjoy the sun-tropical climate of Florida.