The Ocean Pollution Crisis

As many of you will be well aware unfortunately around the world we face a crisis in our oceans. Pollution. Each year millions of tonnes of waste are dumped into the sea as well as other pollutant such as chemical waste , oil , sewage etc. As a result of this marine life across the world has been suffering and the marine environment as a whole being damaged to a great extent. In order to prevent this from happening far more needs to be done in order to prevent the pollution crisis from spiralling out of control.

What Has Led To The Crisis?

There are a large number of factors that come into play when considering what has led to the crisis. One of the biggest contributing factors to the oceans pollution’s crisis is unfortunately ignorance. A worrying number of people across the globe do not fully grasp the length of time it takes for different materials or waste to break down or biodegrade. Some items that are thrown or put into the ocean can take hundreds of years to fully break down into the natural environment and pose a massive health hazard to marine life. Those that are littering on ships or on beaches do not see the affect their actions can have but ultimately it leads to marine life being damaged as well as damage to the natural environment.

Another factor that has contributed to the crisis is lack of public awareness. Governments around the world have been far too slow to condemn littering in the oceans and many simply fail to acknowledge it. This unfortunately means that the general population are far less likely to care about the oceans crisis as they do not face any repercussion should they litter in the ocean.

What Can Be Done?

In order to prevent further damage to our oceans and marine life measures should be put into place to ensure that future damage is reduced and that pollution can be eventually eliminated from the oceans around the world. One way in which this could be done is through the use of high profile social media campaigns. Social media campaigns when conducted with sufficient research and the right amount of material can be highly successful. In order to do this a campaign group or individual could compile a large volume of marine litter photographs to feature in their presentation.

Other actions that can be undertaken to make change within this area include radical action such as peaceful protests. Organisations such as Greenpeace have organised peaceful protests which have been highly successful in gaining attention for the group’s plight.


Overall it can be stated that the world is suffering from a crisis in its oceans and significantly more needs to be done in order to improve the overall state of the world’s oceans. It’s clear that a significant chunk of the world population is blissfully unaware of the serious effects of the pollution of the ocean. Therefore political action as well as high profile campaigns are badly needed in order to publicise the issue to a significantly larger audience.