Surfers Against Sewage – The group fighting pollution and for cleaner beaches

Across the UK on our beaches and in the sea there is a pollution crisis. On a regular basis sewage often not fully treated or filtered is simply discharged into the sea. This then pollutes the immediate area and can pose a health hazard. Some beaches in England even have their own “sewage warning” system in place to advise people as to when sewage may be discharged into the water. This disgusting process is extremely harmful to marine life and unpleasant for those who use the beach or sea for recreation such as surfers and bathers.

How Is This Issue Being Addressed?

As previously mentioned groups such as surfers against sewage are making their voices heard in a variety of different ways. One of the most effective ways in which the group has raised awareness to date is public beach cleans. These are being undertaken across the UK and are a great way in which to raise awareness about the issue as well as bring local communities together to help improve their local environment.

As well as beach cleans there have also been protests by the group outside parliament in order to address the issue at hand. This has helped to raise awareness in and around parliament but there is still a long way to go before further action is taken by government or local authorities in order to properly address the issue.

As well as public campaigns and protests surfers against sewage as well as individuals are fundraising money in order to fund these campaigns through a variety of different type of fundraising events overall. Some fundraisers have done sponsored walks and others sponsored swims and runs as well. This has helped to further the cause overall.

What Further Action Can Be Taken?

In addition to what is already being done there is a lot more that can be done in order to tackle this issue overall. Lobbying businesses associated with the surf and swimming industry is important as well as they have close links with the sea and could play an important part in raising awareness about the issue.

An example of this would be reaching out to a surf company on social media. This could eventually lead to them inviting a speaker from surfers against sewage or donating to the cause overall. SEO also known as search engine optimisation can help to play a big part overall in the battle against sewage and pollution. The more surfers against sewage improve their SEO the more visibility and attention their website is likely to get overall.


Overall in summary it is very clear that our oceans and beaches are being damaged beyond repair by pollution , environmental damage and litter. It is important to spread more awareness about keeping our environment clean through positive action and events to raise awareness for the cause. If more is not done in the next few years then we could see a fall in the number of people visiting the coast because of its poor condition and marine life could also suffer.