SDTM Conversion – All You Need To Know

SDTM conversion is essential for clinical trials companies in order to have an efficient and successful way in which they can convert raw data into data that complies with CDISC standards. One way in which this can be done effectively is through the use of a metadata management company. Often compiling data and ensuring that it complies with cdisc standards can be a time consuming and often strenuous process.

What Challenges Do Clinical Trial Companies Face?

As well as SDTM conversion there are a range of other factors which clinical trial companies need to be wary of when they are conducting day to day operations. One of the most pressing issues which clinical trials companies often face is trying to find new clients or drug organisations to perform research for. This is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more clinical trial companies are being created which is leading to market saturation. However , one method which can be employed to help prevent this issue is known as search engine optimisation or SEO.

SDTM conversion

SEO is an excellent way in which a clinical trials company can improve the number of incoming leads they get to their organisation as well as high profile contracts. SEO is what influences which websites come high up in the rankings of the search results. If a clinical trials company has fully optimised website for SEO then they can expect to see the number of inquiries they get increase as the profile of the business would rank nearer the top of the search results on a number of search engines although predominantly google. In order for clinical trials companies to feel the full benefits of SEO it is generally better for them to use the services of an SEO specialist/company rather than trying to learn the ins and outs of SEO itself.

Digital marketing companies that specialise in SEO typically have an excellent working knowledge of SEO and how it works. This means that clinical trial companies are likely to rank far higher when making use of their services. As well as being concerned with SEO work it is also important that clinical trial companies have a good grasp of web design. Web design is important within this industry as often high profile medical companies as well as drugs companies will often judge a clinical trial company by what they can see on its website. Therefore it is of great importance that their websites are full of useful information as well as being well designed and presentable in order to catch the eye of visitors to the website

SDTM conversion


Overall clinical trial companies face a number of complex challenges which are influenced by different industry standards such as demand in certain areas , market saturation etc. What can be categorically concluded is that in order to simplify and streamline operations it is crucial that clinical trial companies consider the use of external organisations such as marketing specialists or metadata management companies so that different aspects of their organisation can be optimised to the highest possible level.