Wooden houses like this on the beach are more susceptible to penetrating damp.

How Prevalent is Penetrating Damp in Coastal Towns in the UK?

Damp in homes can have a major impact on both the structure of the building and also the appearance. When left untreated this can cause major problems and can be costly to fix. One of the most common types of damp issues is penetrating damp. This form of damp is particularly bad for coastal and seaside areas who experience a humid air or wet weather more than many other regions of the country. Penetrating damp will, therefore, be especially prevalent for homes in these areas compared to inner cities and so on.

Read on and find out more about how penetrating damp is affecting homes in coastal towns in the UK.

Damp in Coastal Towns

In homes by the sea, there are a number of problems which they may experience which might not affect individuals from other regions. Problems with damp and water-related issues are the most common. From floods to penetrating damp, they may experience it all.

This is why homes in coastal towns in the UK need to implement extra waterproofing measure to ensure they are not affected by penetrating damp or similar. When you are building a new home in the area it can be easier to add extra waterproofing protections at this stage. However, for those who live in older homes by the sea, it can be an expensive and costly change to your home.

Penetrating damp will often look like this when it appears in the home.

What is Penetrating Damp?

Penetrating damp is a situation in which water is allowed to penetrate from the outside of the home to the inside. This can be the fault of many different factors, from rain penetration to faulty rainwater goods such as gutters, or even from damp coming through from high ground levels.

It can lead to many other issues inside the home from wet and dry rot, to black mould, bad smells and damp plasterwork. Complete structural and decorative renovation is often needed following a case of penetrating damp.

Treating Penetrating Damp

If you find that your home in a coastal town is experiencing penetrating damp then it is essential that you invest in waterproofing repairs now to ensure your home is protected for the future. Talking to specialists in the UK like Richardson & Starling, you will find that they can complete entire surveys of your home to find the root of the problem and implement a solution. It is worth looking at what neighbours in the coastal town or seaside region have added or fixed around their house, to find out what your home might need.

This man is removing the penetrating damp from the wall.