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How IT Companies Glasgow Are Helping Save The Ocean Charities

As we all well know the Internet has been a cultural phenomenon. It has allowed people to connect with each other over the world and has allowed businesses to trade globally on a 24/7 platform. With the introduction of the internet came the introduction of e-commerce and social media. Giving endless opportunities to smaller businesses. IT Companies Glasgow has teamed up with many charities including, Save The Ocean charity to help promote their ideologies.

Pollution and climate change has been a topic for decades, however with David Attenborough’s BBC series Blue Planet recently being aired has brought to light the real time issues of plastic pollution and how our consumption has impacted the earth – especially the ocean.

IT Companies Glasgow

The Blue Planet Effect

It is officially the war on plastic!

The Blue Planet documentary series by David Attenborough motivated 88% of viewers to change their consumption of single plastic goods. A new era of consumption is upon us, with a Government ban on the sale of straws and a 5p charge on plastic bags. There is also a trend to bring your own reusable coffee cups to Starbucks to get money off and the sales of single use plastic water bottles are decreasing in sales..with the growth of love island reusable water bottles. 66% of people now say they prefer to use a reusable cup rather than a disposable one. People are more responsible with what they consumer – choosing to ‘purchase less and wear more’.

As well as consumption habits on plastics, there has been a rise in veganism and people eating and buying less meat with 1 in 8 Brits turning vegan or vegetarian. 55% of this group eat this way for animal welfare reasons, 45% for health reasons and 37% to be more environmentally friendly.

IT Companies Glasgow

How IT Companies Glasgow Helping

As mentioned before, the Internet has been a global modern day phenomenon. Connecting people and places together – more people are travelling, people’s circle of friends and growing to a worldwide spectrum. With people using more social media and websites to make new connections IT Companies Glasgow are giving the charities the technical support for them to do this.

By creating an optimised website with engaging content, you can increase the number of potential donations as well as raise awareness of the impacts of plastic consumption on our ocean. Almost all of us have seen the image of the turtle with a straw stuck up its nostril or when the blue whale consumes plastic bags, plastic cups and netting. Images like these are what is changing the consumption habits of millions of people all over the world.

IT Companies Glasgow