Dolphin Sea Vegetables Co.

Dolphin Sea Vegetables Co.

The development of DSVCo has been substantial yet we remain small. The processing methods of each sea vegetable produced have evolved from basic/traditional methods, To encompass the expanding knowledge base originating from scientific research & development and our own experience.
We have moved the production of sea vegetables away from seasonal restrictions. This has been done via the development of a drying system and various production techniques that we have also developed.

DSVCo has moved forward and evolved the business of sea vegetable production in a relatively short period of time. We remain committed to developing the quality of our products and at the same time, maintaining respect for the environment that underlines our whole business. Indeed our production processes minimalises both the effect and damage caused to the environment and any developments are taken, only after evaluation and consideration of any environmental impact it may have.

Although the main scope is the sea vegetable market, DSVCo realized to produce a continuous supply, research & development was needed in the aquaculture field. We, therefore, involved Universities to undertake this R&D.;

After having finished an EU “FAIR” Project involving 4 Universities concerning the “Cultivation of Palmaria palmata (dulse)” DSVCo has now instigated it’s own cultivation program.

DSVCo own seaweed farm is currently being established and will be in commission in Summer 2003. From this farm, a continuous supply of quality, clean and fresh dulse should be available.

Other seaweed species will be introduced into the farm as and when their individual biological characteristics have been studied. Commercially, marketing requirements will also drive or dictate as and when to introduce these seaweeds.