Take A Tour of Different Species of Dolphin

Dolphins are an aquatic animal that is prominent in our seas and oceans. Known to be one of the smartest animals in the sea, dolphins are a real beauty. With 43 special of dolphin found all over the world, it is no wonder that they are an enigma. Dolphins are usually found in shallow saltwater oceans by the coat.  Dolphins are most common in warmer locations and climates. The name given to dolphins comes from the word for womb. It is believed to be an ancient Greek saying for ‘fish with a womb’. This guide will examine some of the species of dolphin found in our oceans.

bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose Dolphin

One of the most common species of dolphin, the bottlenose, can be found all over the world. These loveable dolphins are the most well-known as they look like they are always smiling. This is due to the curved element on their face. This element turns upwards on both sides just like when a human is smiling.

The bottlenose dolphin has a sleek body that is streamlined to help them move through the water with ease. Their smooth skin can be compared to rubber when it is touched. This smoothness is achieved as they do not have any sweat glands or hair on their body. As dolphins can find themselves in freezing water temperatures their outer layer of skin can be anywhere from 10 to 20 times thicker than a terrestrial mammal. This thick skin will keep them warm in the cold waters.

Although dolphins have the capacity to live in cooler temperatures, they are normally found in warmer waters around the world. They can be found in bays, shorelines and even in some rivers.

tour of dolphins

Striped Dolphin

Sometimes referred to as ‘streakers’, striped dolphins are able to move very rapidly to avoid boats in the water. With their distinct coloration, they are an easily recognisable species.

As suggested, these dolphins have an identifiable striped pattern on their body. They are blue in colour with white striped on the body. The stripes can be also cream or light grey, with darker colouration on their sides. Their colouring often depends on the habitat that they dolphin lives in. the stripes can change so that they can blend in with their surroundings. It is also easier to identify the age of a striped dolphin as their stripes and colour pattern becomes more evident with age.

stripped dolphin

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

Being one of the bigger species of dolphin, the Atlantic spotted dolphin can be over 7 ½ feet when fully mature. Their long bodies come with even bigger weight. They can weigh from 240 pounds to 360 pounds, with the males being much larger than the females.

The Atlantic spotted dolphin can develop unique spots all over their body with age. This helps identify the age of the dolphin as the younger ones do not have any spots. As the spots only develop when the dolphin ages, they can be often misidentified.

This species of dolphin is usually dark grey or black, with white or cream colouring underneath. Their spots will appear on the darker parts of their bodies in white and will appear in the lighter parts in black.