How to Furnish Your Holiday Home

Do you own a home away from home? If so, then it is important that you are updating your holiday homes furniture and décor every year. This means that the look of your seaside haven will not fade over time.

Whether you are looking for bedroom tips or living room ideas, we have created the perfect beginner’s guide to decorating holidays homes. It’s time to pick up your paint brush and start refreshing your home for the summer season.

Buy quality bedroom furniture

Make sure that you are investing in durable goods for your holidays home. If you lend you holiday home out to friends all year round, then it is important that the furniture you buy is susceptible to wear and tear.

As you will be hitting the beach all day long, the bedroom is one of the spaces in your holiday home which you will use the most, therefore you should try to buy items of furniture that are easy to clean and maintain

Light coloured furniture looks great in seaside homes; however, they can be damaged more easily. Comfort is key. If you are planning on buying fitted bedroom furniture, then Glasgow furniture store Modish, will be able to help you with this. The majority of their products can be purchased online which means they can be delivered straight to the door of your holiday home.


Quality furniture Glasgow

If you are looking for quality furniture in Glasgow or around that area, Modish have a showroom which you can visit. Visiting a showroom is important as you can see the quality of the goods you are purchasing first hand. Your holiday home is a getaway location, so it is recommended that you purchase some luxury pieces. Once you are finished filling up your holiday home with nice bits and pieces you will never want to leave!

Comfortable environment

Your holiday home should be a place that you go to, to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Therefore, the living room area should be a place that is not only comforting but cosy.

This is the area of your holiday home where you can play games, watch films or even read a book or two. Make sure that the furniture you buy is comfortable, otherwise, you will you’re your other home comforts. Remember, this is a place you will go to escape work and studying, make sure that you and your guests are catered for with comfy seats like bean bags and chaise lounges.


Decorate with the holiday destination in mind

Whether you are decorating a cosy cabin or an open space seaside studio, take inspiration from your surroundings. Fill your holiday home off with local crafts, books and paintings. These are decorations which can be left the months you are not their unlike plants.

Hardwood flooring Glasgow provider Modish recommend wooden flooring for your holiday home as it is easy to clean and maintain. Unlike carpets, wooden floors can tackle mucky feet from the beach – this is one less stress to keep on top of.